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Our Top Pick screed pumps for 2022

Our Top Pick screed pumps for 2022

Screed is needed to create level flooring and is the top layer of a concrete subfloor. It’s especially useful if underfloor heating has been laid or if the original concrete flooring has been damaged or is uneven, and helps to create a smooth, flat surface that the final flooring can be laid upon, such as laminate, carpet, or tiles.

At Utranazz, we have a range of screed pumps that will be your best companion when it comes to creating level floorings. We’ve highlighted some of our favourite brand-new screed pumps for 2022 below, available to buy today.


Model: Apemat

Use: The Apemat is perfect for mixing and conveying both traditional and insulating screeds, sand, mortar, plaster, and concrete.

Description: This mixing and conveying screed machine is equipped with a single-phase electric motor and can conect to any domestic power supply. It is low maitenance and reduces labor costs

Benefits: The Apemat 190 is available in three different models; the Apemat 190E is perfect for manual loading, Apermat 190EB, which comes equipped with a loading bucket, and the Apemat 190EBP, which comes with a loading bucket and scraping shovel.


Model: Pro H CL Liquid Screed Pump

Use: The Pro H CL is a trailer-mounted self-levelling liquid screed pump, best suited for conveying large amounts of material.

Description:  Fitted with a centralised greasing pump and special hydraulic circuit, the Pro H CL is an easy to maintain and fuel efficient screed pump.

Benefits: With radio remote control, automatic shutdown when the sieve is lifted, and sensors to protect the engine and hydraulic circuit, the Pro H CL puts safety first.


Model: Transmat 250

Use: With a three-phase electric motor, the Transmat 250 is ideal for mixing and conveying screed.

Description: The Transmat 250 is a landmark machine for professional screed layers, guarenteeing full efficiency and quality mixes.

Benefits: Availble in three different setups, including manual loading (E model), a 270litre loading bucket (EB model), and a loading bucket and scraping model, complete with a pulling winch (EBP model).


Model: Transmat 27.45

Use: The Transmat 27.45 is a user-friendly, high-performance mixing and pumping machine for large volumes of screed.

Description: Built with fuel efficiency in mind, the Transmat 27.45 has a 4-cylinder liquid cooler engine that automatically switches to idle speed at the end of each cycle.

Benefits: Available with a diesel engine and built in compressor as standard (DC basic version), or with a loading bucket attachment (DCB version), and a scraping shovel (DCBP version)..


When it comes to laying level floors, liquid screed pumps are an absolute must. They make the process easier and more efficient, freeing up your time to concentrate on other areas of the construction project without compromising on the quality of the finish.

At Utranazz, we stock a large range of brand-new, nearly new, and used screed pumps that you can buy today. Browse our full range of new screed pumps with prices starting at £22,000. Contact us today for more information or to discuss payment options.  

Our Top Pick screed pumps for 2022

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